Creform Launches Bi-Directional AGV for Materials Handling

Image: Creform Materials Handling Systems

September 19, 2019      

GREER, S.C. – Creform recently launched the newest edition to the company’s lineup of materials handling autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), the CA-B50100-NSI. The new model is a bi-directional AGV that “provides more flexibility for movement along its guidepath as it can travel in both directions, and when necessary rotate in place.”

Dual drive wheels give the AGV a higher load capacity, and the ability to travel laterally, the company said. Both ends of the AGV are guided as each of the dual drive wheels independently follows the guidepath. “This high level of control reduces the amount of space that the AGV requires when routing, especially in turns or space restrictive areas,” Creform said. The AGV can be optionally controlled remotely via smartphone, tablet, or ProFace Remote HMI, and can travel at speeds up to 50 meters/minute, with an estimated towing capacity of up to 2,222 pounds (1,000 kg).

Measuring 10-inches high by 20-inches wide by 78-inches long (272 mm by 505 mm by 1,986 mm), the CA-B50100-NSI follows a magnetic guidepath that can be surface mounted or embedded in the floor. The unit includes an electro-mechanical emergency and parking braking system, and has a minimum turning radius of 31.5 inches (800 mm) and 11.8 inches (300mm) only in the lateral direction when traveling at a slow speed. The system is powered by 24V batteries.

Safety features include 16-view laser scanners for obstacle detection, flashing lights, E-stops, and an audible warning to alert nearby associates. Creform said the unit meets safety CAT3 requirements.

Programming features include a 50-course capability using HMI screen located at one end of the AGV. The unit includes I/O monitoring, course programming, error messages and an error log. The unit can read floor-mounted RFID tags for position feedback, as well as command tapes adjacent to the magnetic tape guidepath.

For towing, the unit includes a single or dual spring-loaded tow pins that can interface with a variety of carts, Creform said. Towed carts will have all swivel casters and the dual tow pins will securely and precisely connect the cart/AGV together as they navigate the system, it added.

Optional equipment includes an “opportunity charging system” and an industrial radio that communicates with offboard devices. The charging system minimizes the need for an associate to manually charge the batteries. Auto-charging can take place at set locations along the guidepath, which the AGVs automatically engage as they travel through their daily tasks. Creform said the onboard radio can be used to communicate with the company’s traffic management system.

For more information on the new system, head to the Creform website.