October 09, 2015      

Singapore Post, the country’s national postage company, recently successfully tested drone delivery by carrying a T-shirt and a letter 2.3 kilometers.

The delivery took five minutes in a remote part of the country, between Lorong Halus and Pulau Ubin, and a postman received the goods after the drone safely landed.

The drone delivery test, developed in conjunction with the country’s Infocomm Development Agency, used a custom version of the Pixhawk Steadidrone.

A Singapore Post spokesman offered no timeline for when this could be commercially viable, saying technical and regulatory frameworks still need to be worked out.

This is just another example of Singapore’s Smart Nation program that is looking to use technology to solves its problems. Singapore recently introduce the RoboCoach robot trainer to help seniors exercise more. The robot trainer offers personalized workout routines for seniors and makes sure the exercises are done correctly to maximize the benefits.