Logistics and supply chain managers are constantly faced with contradictory fulfillment operation requirements: reduce the space they use, but increase the volume of goods they distribute; reduce latency while reducing transport and handling costs; and cut labor costs but maintain or increase service levels.

During the past two decades corporate logistics and supply chain groups have adopted a wide range of fulfillment automation technologies and support technology with great effectiveness.

The use of robotics technologies in materials handling continues to progress. Robots can now recognize deviations from the norm and make adjustments that help maintain productivity in dynamic environments.

While a lot of sophistication has been integrated into these automated solutions, operational simplicity must prevail to keep things running smoothly.

In this webcast, you will learn about the keys to integrating robotics into a supply chain, how to calculate ROI and measure success.

Topics include:

  • Strategies for incorporating robotics in a materials handling environment
  • How to leverage robotics in data-driven warehouse/distribution centers
  • About the latest robotics technologies and their core applications



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