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The artificial intelligence hype machine is in full swing, promising a science-fiction future in fields far and wide, from healthcare to financing to agriculture and the supply chain. Even manufacturing isn’t immune to the promises and allure of intelligent machines making us more productive.

Joe Barkai

Getting from the present to this future is when reality sets in, and we see real challenges ahead of us. In this webinar, author and consultant Joe Barkai and Robotics Business Review Editor-in-Chief Keith Shaw will discuss the current state of AI and machine learning in the manufacturing industry, weeding through the hype to give you a dose of reality.

Topics and themes covered in this webinar include:

  • How did we get here? Why AI is being hyped so much
  • Robots and cobots – how smart will they get from AI and machine learning?
  • The reality of predictive maintenance on manufacturing equipment
  • AI in Manufacturing: Generative design and additive manufacturing

The webinar will give you a sneak preview of Barkai’s session at LiveWorx, “Future Perfect? How Intelligent Machines Are Shaping the Future of Manufacturing“, to be held on Tuesday, June 11, in Boston.

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