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In 2015, Myria Research predicted the development of a functional role known as the chief robotics officer, or CRO. This theoretical role or group is appearing in all vertical sectors using robotics and intelligent operational systems (RIOS). As we’ll discuss in this chief robotics officer update, the CRO’s responsibilities include managing the proliferation, integration, and costs of automation to fit corporate agendas.

In 2017, based on extensive interviews with RIOS end users, there is confirmation that the CRO function is very real. And those serving in this capacity are facing increasing corporate expectations for innovation and tangible business outcomes.

The accelerating adoption of robotics, artificial intelligence, and related technologies is shifting the transformational business forces into organizational challenges. As a result, companies have a strong demand for CROs who can translate innovation into competitive advantage rather than just focus on distinct technologies and bottom lines.

Chief Robotics Officer Update 2017 speakers

Join Robotics Business Review and Remy Glaisner, co-founder of Myria Research, for an overview of our new report: “The Chief Robotics Officer (CRO) 2017 Update: Triptych of the Robotics Industry.”

You Will Learn:

  • What business imperatives are shaping the scope of early CRO groups
  • How CROs, whether officially structured or not, should engage internally and externally to maximize value delivered by their RIOS-related efforts and strategic corporate initiatives
  • What the next steps are for the maturation of the CRO function within the enterprise, and its impact on robotics adoption overall

More on the CRO Role:

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