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Aside from the sizable boost they give to your productivity, how much thought and consideration have you given to how safe they around your other workers, the “humans”? Those claws sprouting from every cobot’s multi-axis arms look formidable, and they are.

Just how formidable, and what has been done to mitigate or eliminate any cobot injury threat?

What have cobot manufacturers and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) done to engineer safety into every cobot, and how successful have they been?

What about liability, if something should go wrong? Who’s responsible, and how should responsibility (rules of engagement) be standardized across your company. Every employee needs to know how to work with a cobot.

How do you assess potential danger between people and cobots working together? How do you separate out what’s insurance and from your legal liabilities.

As a recent Washington Post headline shouted: “The billion-dollar robot question — how can we make sure they’re safe?”

If a cobot causes injury, is it product liability or are you on the hook? From HR to the shipping dock every employee needs to know. So, join us for the answers. Some of those answers will surprise you.

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Collaborative Robots on the Job: Don’t Overlook Safety and Liability

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