Demystifying the Use of Frameless Motors in Robotics

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With best-in-class components, robotics developers can design and build the best devices to serve their target markets. In manufacturing, lean processes demand greater flexibility, precision, and durability than ever before. Frameless motors can provide the agility required for advanced industrial automation.

Tom Wood

Tom S. Wood is a longtime engineer at Kollmorgen.

In this webcast, Robotics Business Review speaks with Kollmorgen‘s Tom S. Wood and Gene Matthews about the considerations for using frameless motors in robots. For instance, robotics suppliers should understand their bandwidth and space parameters.

The speakers will discuss design and performance tradeoffs. For instance, makers of collaborative robot arms want to limit the amount of waste heat. Different robots must operate in harsh environments, such as the factory floor, deep beneath the ocean, or in outer space.

Tom S. Wood is senior applications engineer at Virginia-based Kollmorgen. He has worked with Kollmorgen since 1984 and for the company an an employee since 2010. Wood has had various roles, including customer, manufacturer’s representative company owner, and distribution company owner.

Kollmorgen was founded in 1916 and was named to the 2018 RBR50 list of the world’s most innovative, influential, and commercially successful robotics providers. The company will demonstrate its solutions for real-world problems at RoboBusiness 2018.

Kollmorgen's Gene Matthews will talk about frameless motors.

Gene Matthews has held a number of positions at Kollmorgen.

Gene Matthews is currently product line manager/product marketing manager at Kollmorgen. Prior to that, he held positions as senior systems engineer, systems engineering supervisor, and manager of technical support. Matthews has also worked at Industrial Devices Corp. and Walker Industrial.

Webcast attendees can learn how to choose frameless motors for optimized, compact, and robust robotic assemblies. Cobots are an example of a form factor where frameless motors are useful. Wood and Matthews will delve into example specifications and how they can be adjusted.

Kollmorgen’s experience with motors for high-performance military, scientific, and industrial applications can help robotics innovators as they choose the best off-the-shelf or custom motors for the job. Webcast viewers will get specific examples of how this expertise can translate into robotics success.




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