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Electrical power is increasingly being used for personal transportation, as well as for moving goods. The e-mobility space not only includes vehicles like bikes and scooters, but agricultural robots, delivery robots and powered wheelchairs as well.

Designing for products in this space creates a new set of challenge for mechatronics engineers, with different specifications needed for motors, sensors, gearheads, motion controllers, and even batteries. In this webinar, we will discuss the potential market for e-mobility, as well as the technical opportunities and challenges in this growing space.

In this free webinar, Keith Shaw, editor-in-chief of Robotics Business Review, is joined by Joe Martino, Heinz Schaellibaum, and Adrian Thoma from Maxon, to discuss the overview of the space and what robotics developers can expect when creating systems for this market.

The webinar will cover:

  • An overview of the e-mobility space and examples of products in the market
  • A discussion of adoption trends and challenges for manufacturers
  • Design challenges around the components of e-mobility platforms
  • Specific examples of designing for an e-mobility vehicles

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