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A major challenge for businesses that are adopting warehouse automation or expanding their use isn’t integrating the technology — it’s evaluating where best to place it and explaining the need to line workers and management.

In this webcast, two experts from 2018 RBR50 company OPEX Corp. discuss how to assess internal processes and external demand, measure maintenance costs, and speak the language of both finance and supply chain.

John Sauer, business development manager, OPEX Warehouse Automation

John Sauer, business development manager, OPEX Warehouse Automation

John Sauer, business development manager at OPEX Warehouse Automation, has eight years of front-line material-handling management experience. He has a degree from Rutgers University and has held various positions at OPEX since 1996.

Starting in 2007, Sauer administrated OPEX’s supply chain, from the receipt of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. He was a key contributor in OPEX’s transition from batch assembly to lean, single-piece flow manufacturing and assembly with the implementation of Perfect Pick into its own parts-fulfillment operation.

In 2015, Sauer became a member of OPEX’s Warehouse Automation Business Development team. He now works closely with clients, educating and supporting them in their pursuit of an automation solution.

Sauer will explain how to estimate the value of robotics use, considerations around throughput and business goals, the need to understand maintenance and service support, and preparing employees for warehouse automation.

Troy VanWormer, director, OPEX Warehouse Automation, West Coast

Troy VanWormer is director of OPEX Warehouse Automation, West Coast. He has more than 20 years of operations, logistics, and supply chain experience.

After serving as a Naval Aviation Maintenance Officer, VanWormer began a consulting career with Kurt Salmon Associates, founded XCD Performance Consulting, and served as a practice leader for two supply chain consulting firms. He was key in leading successful e-commerce operations for iHerb.com and Hollar.com.

VanWormer currently assists OPEX customers that are looking to leverage warehouse automation to support their operational goals.

He will talk about the need for a strong business case, key terms for both finance and supply chain, and methods of measuring return on investment (ROI).




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