The numbers are staggering as U.S. healthcare hits $3.09 trillion in 2014—including 36 million admitted patients—and will soar to $3.57 trillion by 2017. That’s 18 percent of the U.S. GDP!

In nearly every category, from surgical and direct patient care to hospital services, pharmacy, rehabilitation, and prosthetics, even as potential aides for 54 million U.S. seniors, robotics has made a huge impact on healthcare—and its influence on the healthcare system is rapidly increasing.

What is robotics presently doing to affect care; can robotics do more; can robotics corral runaway expenditures?

What are the trends, challenges, and opportunities facing healthcare robotics?

Who’s driving robotics in the space with new technologies for direct patient care, diagnostics, and lab research, and who’s pushing boundaries with disruptive, breakthrough advances?

Join us as our webcast experts illuminate who’s doing what and where, and as they help to frame the healthcare market for robotics investment opportunities both today and tomorrow.



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