Productivity, on a steep decline since 2000, has a new ally that is being hailed as a new force in everything from manufacturing to logistics: robot-driven automation. The London School of Economics is out with the first empirical study of the disruptive role of robots at reversing the productivity decline. It’s what we’re calling the “New” Productivity. It’s real, it’s here, and it’s being deployed.

The evidence is in! Join us for an eye-opening webcast with the facts, news and views—who’s doing what, where and why—as robot-driven automation pushes back all the boundaries that held real gains in productivity in limbo for nearly two decades.

See also why the “New” Productivity is not the cruel job thief as portrayed in the media. Yes, new technology obsoletes many jobs, but creates many more than it takes. The more pressing problem: How to educate and train the massive new workforce necessary to meet the demands of the “New” Productivity.

Be sure to get your copy of this webcast’s companion research report: Industrial Automation and the “New” Productivity.


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