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The shift in retail from bricks and mortar to e-commerce is accelerating demand for warehouse automation, as companies try to handle the increased volume of small, multi-line-item orders. As a result, significant opportunities are opening up for industrial and logistics robot manufacturers. Inc. has served as the poster child for the efficiency and growth that robotic solutions provide for warehouse operations. Amazon recently reported that it increased its fleet of warehouse robots by about 50 percent during the past 12-month period, bringing the full count of Amazon warehouse robots in use to about 45,000.

The Omron Mobile Robots are part of a refreshed product line.

Omron Adept has worked to refine its fixed and mobile robot technologies.

The company has reported that its use of robots has reduced the time from order to shipment by up to 80 percent and improved inventory space by 50 percent.

A new solution for companies seeking robotics to support their warehouse operations and overall sustainability is the Omron Adept Mobile Robot LD from Omron Adept Technologies Inc. The LD is the company’s first industrial mobile robot.

It has been the company’s mission since Omron Corp. acquired Adept Technology Inc. just over a year ago, to create an integrated automation solution for the manufacturing floor that includes everything from programmable logic controllers (PLC) and sensors to motion controls and robotics.

Omron Mobile Robots ready for operation

The Mobile Robot LD Cart Transporter uses movable carts to enable buffering of parts at load and unload stations and is a good choice for line-side replenish use cases.

To avoid getting lost in complex environments, the Mobile Robot LD vehicle also offers the patented and award-winning Acuity vision-guidance product as an option. Together with the dual-channel navigation lasers and various other sensors, this makes the Mobile Robot LD one of the safest autonomous guided vehicles on the factory or warehouse floor, according to Omron Adept.

Omron Adept's Scott Wu discusses the Omron Mobile Robot LD.

Omron Adept Product Line Manager Scott Wu

In this webcast, Robotics Business Review Director Brent Watters will chat with Scott Wu, senior product-line manager at Omron Adept, about the LD’s capabilities, including the best uses for Omron mobile robots, payload capacity, comparisons of the product line versus traditional manufacturing equipment, and the use of patented Acuity technology.

In addition, we’ll discuss the considerations that went into developing this product line and what Omron Adepts thinks the future might hold for the industry.

Join us for this informative webcast on how Omron Mobile Robots are transforming manufacturing and logistics!

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