The facts are clear that the building and construction industry could benefit wildly from robot innovation, even in small doses:

Fact: Construction is a global $4.6T mega-business with a 25% decline in productivity over the last 40 years.

Fact: Construction and building-site trash, i.e. wood, metals, asphalt shingles, bricks, tiles, glass, concrete and gypsum—which amounts to 30% of the of the 2.2B tons of solid waste produced annually worldwide…with the amount of annual waste slated to double by 2025

Fact: The building and construction industry lose billions of dollars a year because of its inefficiencies.

Fact: In home building, the potential for robots to save costs is even more pronounced: standard cookie-cutter, rectilinear design of new homes would realize 20 to 25% savings on financing; 25 to 30% savings in materials and 45 to 55% savings in labor.

This webcast presents a breakdown of drivers, major players, investment opportunities and market sizing for the impact of robots on building construction and built-environments.


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