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Join us for the first in a series of webcasts focused on the topic of robots as a service (RaaS)!

Industrial automation is evolving faster than ever, and RaaS is becoming the go-to business model for many robotics companies. Historically, manufacturers have invested in fleets of robotic equipment, but the economics of that option no longer make sense, particularly as automation spreads to new sectors. The answer is in the use of RaaS, enabling organizations to rapidly scale up or down their use of robotics as needed, in a pay-as-you-go subscription or robots for hire at an hourly rate.

Dive deep with us as we discuss the following:
• What is RaaS?
• The economics of elastic consumption
• The advantages of robots for hire for the customer
• The advantages for the robotics service provider (RSP)
• How to optimize a vendor organization for delivering a RaaS solution

Who should attend?
• Vendors exploring a RaaS-based business model
• Customers who are considering a RaaS solution

Plus, don’t miss the accompanying whitepaper, available now: “The New World of Subscription-Based Robotic Solutions.” This complimentary download details the organizational changes, business expectations, and examples of robots for hire.

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